Joint conference on judicial reforms

On 24 April 2016 a joint conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of all states is being held at New Delhi. The conference shall be presided by Chief Justice of India. In this conference the core issue of concern in Judicial Reforms. It is pertinent to mention that earlier on a conference was held on 5th April 2015 in which a comprehensive agenda was drawn up for the Conference. In these conferences the great cause of concern is with 2.64 crore undecided cases in the subordinate courts and 42 lakh cases in the High Courts,  expeditious disposal of cases is the key issue to be discussed.

Undoubtedly, in this conference the top Jurists and Executives are participating and they are very conscious about the issues which shall be discussed. But the author with great respect would like to draw the attention of the policymakers on following points:

  1. In this Country, most of the people resides in rural area and connected with agricultural lands. Their disputes regarding  Agricultural lands are triable by Revenue Courts under tenancy laws. In Revenue Courts, the disputed cases may take much time. Unfortunately, the cases pending before Revenue Courts are not taken into consideration while framing National Litigation Policy, 2015. Resultant, the poor former of this country got no relief on this count.
  2. It is experienced that maximum cases in the High Courts and Subordinate Courts are being filed by persons being aggrieved with the orders of administrative authorities. It means the administrative authorities may play major role to reduce pendency of court cases. If administrative authorities follow proper procedure prescribed by Rule of Law, the disputes may be resolved at their Laval, the institution of Court Cases shall automatically reduced.
  3. In the year of 2005 the Law Commission of India, in its 192nd Report on PREVENTION OF VEXATIOUS LITIGATION recommended the requirement to enact a Central Legislation on this subject, which is very relevant today.

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