AjitVerma & Associates provides a platform for resolutions of cases, issues and problems pertaining to different fields of law, i.e. judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative matters. It focuses on all statutes relating to civil, criminal, taxation, service, industrial, matrimonial and property matters.

It provides all types of assistance in legal, quasi-judicial and administrative cases in the nature of: –

  • Legal advice in all type of cases, i.e. Civil, Criminal, Constitutional,  Consumer Fora, Banking and Financial, Labour and Industrial, Matrimonial, Property Disputes, Revenue, Service, Society, Taxation i.e. Sales Tax, VAT, Income Tax, Excise, Service Tax;
  • Drafting of  all types of applications, complaints, appeals, revisions, petitions in the aforementioned fields of law; and
  • Preparation of pleadings and arguments in the aforementioned fields of law.

Mr. Ajit K. Verma, the founder of AjitVerma & Associates, has also been consistently engaged in:

  • Analysing latest amendments in statutes in the all the aforementioned fields of law and having the analysis published in law books; and
  • Providing comprehensive and detailed reports and views on different issues of law.